The Comedy Dad is dealing with Rising and Lowering Temperatures

Temperatures are up and down over here.
Whoo! Let me run back in and get my jacket. When did that brisk morning air sneak up? All I had on was some flimsy Nike sweat pants and a Hansbourgh Family reunion T-shirt.
I’m not saying it’s North Face weather but let’s just say when I found that 2xl Levi Jean Jacket at the Williamsburg Outlets Levi Store it was money well worth spending.
I knew it was serious when I got up to 7-11 on Big Bethel Road and saw the Post Office man with his skull cap and what seemed to be Nike Wide Receiver gloves. That’s when I knew old man Fall was in full effect.
This is the Comedy Dad’s  favorite time of year. Everyone wearing their scarves and nice sweaters. You get to watch crazy people on college football Saturdays with cold air flowing from their mouths with school colors sprayed on painted, bare chested fanatics.FullSizeRender-9
But my favorite time of year also comes with some consequences from those crispy fall nights. Like flu shots, sniffly noses and germy coughes.
My babies have already got their first taste of the yucky nasty season. Euhenia, my daughter had it first and I guess in honor of football season she successfully completed the pass to her older brother Tobias.
Even though Tobias caught it second hand, it hit him a little worse than sissy. My baby had a little fever. Nothing to worry about, it was only 99.6, but we stopped by the doctor’s office at Hampton Roads Pediatric just to be sure.
He is already jumping off the steps today, which makes me smile. So no matter what happens whether the temperatures drop outside or the temperatures rises inside with my babies. The Comedy Dad still loves fall.


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