Two hours to myself

Two hours to myself what shall I do?

This is coming from a guy whose day starts at 6:00 am whether I want it to or not. First, I workout. That just started last week, so we will see how long that lasts. All I know is I need to be back upstairs by 6:45 a.m. before all hell breaks loose for the next thirteen hours. My son T.T. runs full speed all day and my daughter, Lady Bug, my heart, makes me jump every time she cries. I still fit in my business at the same time. Making phone calls, answering texts, and thinking up jokes!

So, it was nice for my wife to say, “You know what, take a couple of hours. You need to relax.”

At first, I was like: “I’m cool. I love being at home with my kids.” Then I thought to myself, “Are you stupid? Go see how adults live, talk and dress! It’s on!” It almost scared me to be on my own. I’m use to making decisions for four. This single guy stuff is confusing.

Then it hit me. I only had two hours and the movie I wanted to see didn’t start until ten minutes before I had to be home. That was dead. And I wasn’t gonna go to a restaurant and look like a creep sitting alone in a booth humming Mickey Mouse’s “Hot Dog” song because it’s stuck in my head. Maybe the YMCA? Naw, lifting weights seems like work and I’m off right now.

At that moment that’s when I knew I didn’t need a break from my family. I love the craziness. The crying, snotty noses and funky smells—the whole nine yards. So for daddy’s two hours I chose to load my crew up and we went to McArthur Center, and shared some fries and a smoothie. We let T.T. hit the playground after his momma made sure none of the kids was coughing… my baby don’t play that.

My son made me proud too. I thought he would be shy around the kids and hesitant on the toys. Not at all. I was wrong, he jumped right in, head first to be exact!! I tell you there is no better feeling or more of a proud dad moment than to see your son take his first head forward dive off the playground equipment, roll over, and dust himself off. If he would have pushed someone off the slide it would have made the day perfect. But hey, you can’t win them all…….