Two Thumbs UP!!


That’s what I wanted to yell at five in the morning as I lay on the living room floor looking up at the flat screen, but my pride wouldn’t let me. I had tripped over a child gate heading to the kitchen to make a bottle. It could have been worse, but I padded my fall with my right hand as I toppled over like a ton of bricks.

“Are you ok?” my wife yelled out.

“Yes,” I quickly responded with an attitude.

I was trying to find a reason to be mad at her for me being laid out as if I were doing the backstroke. But, I put the gate there and could only blame myself. And I wasn’t gonna do that.

I eventually peeled myself off the floor and completed the task at hand, only to return to bed with my thumb throbbing. It almost felt like I could feel my heartbeat in my hand. The only comfort I had that night was thinking, “Hey, it’s just a thumb…life goes on.”

Boy was I wrong. It’s been going on two weeks now and you wouldn’t believe the nagging pain. You don’t think of all the activities that involve your thumb until one is out of commission.

Trust me everything involves the thumb. From snatching open the doors at Patrick Henry Mall to trying to hold a squiggling baby and changing his or her diaper. It’s sharp, annoying pain. Last week when the temperature dropped into the teens it seemed as if the ignition on my truck was frozen as well as my thumb. I can honestly say that was the first day I admired automatic start.
If you are right-handed try to eat tonight using your left hand for the fork or better yet try to text someone and see how awkward it feels. Then and only then will you appreciate my struggles. I will never question anyone who parks in a handicap space or rides a scooter in Wal-Mart again.

So the moral of this story is be mindful of the little things in life. Though someone may seem like they are being dramatic everything really may not be Two Thumbs Up…..Literally!!