Take College By Storm!

We are so proud of our Hampton Roads Universities, and we are getting ready to welcome new residents to our area from out of town. While we’re getting ready for the new students, you’re getting ready to send off your son or daughter… or maybe you’re heading back to campus yourself!

Here’s a guide to going back to college in coastal Virginia that will help the transition.

Don’t forget the weather gear!

We have all kinds of interesting weather around here. In the fall semester it’s very likely that Hampton Roads college students will experience everything from 100 degree heat indexes to snow. We can also sometimes have strong storms or hurricanes, and our waterways occasionally like to tread on our roadways causing some flooding. Be prepared! Check with your university for their evacuation plan (just in case it gets REALLY bad) and invest in a good umbrella and boots. Layers are good for the unpredictable fall.

Hit the sales for supplies

The Virginia sales tax holiday is August 5-7. Click here for a list of what supplies are tax free that weekend so you can stock up! Do some research as to what specialty course items you may need. You might have to purchase these items from your school, but you may be able to find them online for cheaper. Doing a little research ahead of time goes a long way!

Get to know the area

You’ll be studying hard, but there will be time to play, too, and Hampton Roads is one sweet place to be in the fall. Visit our guide page and get to know what’s going on around here and where you’re going to meet your new BFF. There’s something for everyone!

Tweak time management

Whether you keep all of your appointments and deadlines on your calendar electronically or you kick it old school with a planner, heading back to class is when you really need great organization. Do a quick internet search for apps that might work for you, or find a local book or office supply store for a planner that works well for you!

Have your car serviced

Especially if you’re a part time student or a commuter, you’ll be putting mileage on that vehicle. We have salty air and tunnels around here, so be sure to ask about any special service your car may need.


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