Beach Man Begins Run Across the Country

By: Lex Gray

A man on a mission set out Saturday morning to run all the way from Virginia Beach to Los Angeles.

As he set out on the nearly 3,300-mile journey, John McKay talked to 10 On Your Side about why he became so passionately involved in raising money for childhood cancer research.

“A couple of years ago, my mother got a glioblastoma, which is a type of brain cancer,” says McKay, who quit his teaching job in Denver and moved back to Virginia Beach to care for his dying mother.

“After she passed away in 2013, I ran across the country for sarcoma cancer,” he said. “The experience really changed my life and I knew at that point I wanted to start a foundation.”

That idea became 4Another, a nonprofit dedicated to raising funds specifically for childhood cancer research.

“My mom was a teacher as well, (so) I just really wanted to focus on the children. Only four percent of the federal tax money that goes toward cancer research goes toward pediatric cancer research,” McKay said. “I think that’s a number most people aren’t aware of and we’re hoping to change a few minds on that.”

McKay will split the daily miles with Everett Smith, who is also going coast to coast.

The two hope to recruit other runners along the way, as well as cancer survivors and their families, which is why they travel in a big yellow tour bus that sleeps ten and it doubles as a traveling billboard for their cause.

“We’re going to be stopping and having fundraisers, joining in on already existing events, and do everything we can to make a little noise for this cause and do something for the kids.”

To follow McKay and Smith on their 116-day journey, visit the 4Another website.