Girl Scouts Kick Back at Zoo Fest

On Sunday, Apr. 15, young entrepreneurs visited the Virginia Zoo to celebrate a successful sales season. These prominent young women are rising quickly in the Hampton Roads business scene. You might know them as “Girl Scouts.”

These girls have tirelessly camped out outside grocery stores, churches, malls and schools. They’ve endured frigid cold and sweltering heat. They’ve trekked through neighborhoods on foot through wind, rain and snow, knocking on the doors of strangers. Their persistence has been tireless, and their business sense savvy. They’re in a pretty high-stakes industry- they alone hold complete and total control over Samoa supplies in the region. Girl Scout cookies are no joke.

After 27,000 boxes sold for charity donation alone, the girls deserve to relax and enjoy their success. What better place to do that than the zoo?

The “Zoo Fest” event, hosted by Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast (G.S.C.C.), welcomed Girl Scouts from across the region and their families.

Before the event, at 9 a.m. an honorary cookie donation ceremony was held. The donation ceremony followed with local customers’ generous donation of over 27,000 boxes to the United Service Organization (U.S.O.).

These were cookies purchased through the “Girl Scout Gift of Caring Program,” which the GSCC defines as “a nationwide community service project where Girl Scout troops may decide on a charitable organization or service group they would like to support with cookie donations as a way to say thank you.”

After a few words from Tracy Keller, G.S.C.C. CEO, and Paula Moran, Hampton-Roads based U.S.O. CEO, the girls gathered to load the cookie boxes “fire brigade” style into a U.S.O. vehicle for delivery to military service members and their families. (The United Service Organization is a Virginia-based nonprofit that provides support, relaxation, and entertainment to military troops and their families.)

Once the donation ceremony was complete, a few Girl Scouts gathered for an exclusive V.I.P. event. The V.I.P. event honored the 59 Girl Scouts who sold over 100 charity boxes for donation. The Girl Scouts enjoyed select access to V.I.P. guest and Norfolk celebrity “K.C.,” the Virginia Zoo’s sloth in-residence.

After ceremonies and V.I.P. celebrations concluded, the official “Zoo Fest” began. The girls got to interact up-close with animals and hear their stories, while working on completion of their “Explore the Virginia Zoo” patch. (Even in times of celebration, these girls are still working on some kind of goal.)

See? Your cookie-eating habit is helping humanity.