Dressing up For Charity: The Hampton Roads Mom Prom

The 1st annual Hampton Roads MOM PROM is happening this Saturday (2.20.16). I chatted with the organizer of the local Mom Prom , Amanda Moore, about this year’s event!

  • Q: Annaka Chesnutt, FOX 43
  • A: Amanda Moore, Local Co-Organizer, Mom Prom Hampton Roads

So it’s the first annual mom prom – how did it start?

  • Well I started the Richmond mom prom about 6 years ago, and it’s always been a success! Usually we have around 100 to 150 ladies attend. I’m from Virginia Beach, and a girlfriend I went to high school with – we’ve done some benefits over the years to help people we went to school with who were battling different ailments – and we just really liked working together and doing things of this nature. So we started chatting about putting together a ‘Mom Prom’ in Hampton Roads.

Tell me a little bit about the actual event and what people can expect?

  • The concept is ‘A ladies night out for charity’ – and it includes a full dinner and a night of dancing. We do a lot of fun stuff and have awards for ‘The Most Glamorous,’ ‘The Tackiest Dress,’ and a prom queen will be crowned.

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The event is sold out – how much have you guys raised so far and what is your goal?

  • We put the tickets up for sale in Hampton Roads and it just blew up! We sold over 800 tickets in just a matter of days. So far we’ve raised  just shy of 20,000 dollars and the event is not ‘til Saturday.  Our goal is about $30,000 and we have thousands of dollars’ worth of donations for people to bid on in the silent auction.

What is the attire like and is it solely for moms only?

  • No, absolutely not only for moms but, it’s just ladies. That’s the only thing. There’s absolutely no restrictions on attire. Some people go ‘all out’ but we like to stress not to do that. We don’t want people going out and spending a bunch of money on a dress, because that not what it’s about. I would say about 25% of ladies just pull out a cocktail dress. Just something real simple and then there are some that get a little more dressy and then some that just go ‘over-the-top.’ If they want to go tacky, people go ‘all out’ for the 80’s with huge puffy sleeves etc. and really have fun with it!

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What are some additional features of the event?

  • We will have cardboard celebrity men everywhere! So you can take your picture with your prom date. We have about six photographers who are working that night – four of whom will have stands with different ‘Fun’ backdrops like sequins and just real girly stuff that will be complimentary for everyone.  A week after the event, the photographers will post the pictures to their pages and then the ladies will be able to go and download them as they wish.

Who do the proceeds benefit?

  • All proceeds go to the Children’s Hospital Of The King’s Daughters. They’re fantastic! When my partner, Cody Riggs and I first spoke about doing this, we already had in mind that we wanted it to benefit CHKD.  It really hits home for Cody because she has a daughter who has (PMS) phelan mcdermid syndrome – it’s basically a very severe form of autism. They’ve utilized CHKD’s services a few times a week and even more-so during the summer when she’s not in school, doing occupational therapies, speech therapy and everything she needs. So, with all of that…It was clear who we wanted to benefit.  

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