Always Moving! We’re “On The Run!”

The Latest Running News, Notes, Shoutouts, and More in the “757” from Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Hope your training is going well.   Many of you have a Marathon or Fall race in mind.  We have a moderate climate in Hampton Roads so, we have great races most of the year.  I am recovering from a hairline fracture of a right foot and won’t be logging any Running miles ’til Halloween.   That won’t stop me from getting excited about Running! Ready for the weekend?  Check this week’s video Report!

What’s on the Horizon?  Glad you asked!  The Crawlin’ Crab Half  Marathon is the next Big racing event on the calendar next weekend.  Maybe I’ll see you out there as I pump up the music at one of the stops.  I once set a J&A Racing record for most “High Fives” at one stop.  Might be able to set another record then…

As always, you can check out our good friends at,,,,, or to find upcoming races. 

Keep on doing what you do and I’ll be your biggest fan! See you next time right here…”On The Run!”