Award-Winning Local Film “Christine at the Crossroads” Needs Our Support

I figured by the time I wrote about “Christine at the Crossroads” it would be old news. I had heard nothing but wonderful things about the film, co-written and produced by Virginia Beach couple Ernie and Heather Smith.

Surprisingly, upon talking to Ernie, I found that the last screening in Hampton Roads was months ago. Since then, the Smiths have been hitting the road with their film. “It’s been kind of a whirlwind,” laughs Smith, modestly mentioning screenings everywhere from Oklahoma to Barcelona.

“Christine at the Crossroads” is about a woman in a heterosexual marriage forced to confront her sexuality when she falls in love with a female co-worker. The story hits close to home for the Smiths, inspired by a family member who felt like she had to hide her sexuality despite having a loving and supportive family. Smith said, “It blew my mind that all of the support she would have had and she still felt that she had to keep herself in the closet and hide who she is.” Smith and his wife began gathering stories from other members of the LGBT community and realized that many of them were very similar. “Once we realized exactly what we were on to, the writing came quick,” Ernie said, crediting Heather for most of the script.

They found a cohesive, talented cast and the rest was history. The first actual screening was over a year ago, October 2014 at a local film showcase. It played again at the Reel it OUT 2015 film festival, Hampton Roads’ own LGBT-themed film festival in February.

And that, I was surprised to discover, was it. At least for the 757.

The Smiths (AKA Skelly Films) traveled the film festival circuit, crisscrossing the United States and going international, picking up award after award as they went. But not again in Hampton Roads.

With our supportive LGBT community around here, not to mention love for local art, why haven’t we seen “Christine at the Crossroads” playing on any of our big screens?

“We’d like to show it around here, but getting a theater isn’t as easy as it sounds” explained Smith.

The American Theater in Hampton was all set to screen the film last summer and then one fluke after another led to a scheduling nightmare. Unfortunately they haven’t been able to arrange another showing.

I, for one, vote for this important film to screen locally. We have so much talent here in Hampton Roads, let’s show it off!

If you are in with a theater, want to arrange a screening, or just want to find out more, here’s how:


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