A Behind-the-Scenes look at “A National Haunting!”

Beneath Chrysler Hall there’s the modest and well-loved Generic Theater. This weekend, the walls will come down with laughter and fun from “A National Haunting!”

The coolest part about this play is that it was conceived, produced, and cast right here in Hampton Roads. By two people sharing the same first name, in fact.

Evan Lambert, co-writer, producer, director and so on, explained to me that the play came together as part of a writing prompt to produce something scary.

“We got together for a full day of brainstorming and drinking way too much coffee and started topping ourselves with how weird we could get, ” Lambert told me, and the result is an amazing collaboration with campy, cheesy comedy and political satire mixed with a dash of the paranormal.

His co-everything partner, Evan Hartley, expanded on their creative process. She said, “when we started writing this thing, it was basically all about how much fun we could have. We said, ‘I want music’ so then we said, ‘okay! Let’s write a song!’ ‘I want to wear sequins!’ ‘Well we’re gonna wear sequins!’ It was kinda like, if we could have fun doing it, we threw it in.”

The Evans, and eventually the cast and crew, had so much fun working on the show that they just know the audience will pick up on it and have a blast too.

Tickets are only $10, and the curtain times are 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday with a matinee at 2:30 on Sunday. Click here to buy tickets and for more details. 

You have to hear about this local collaboration from the Evans themselves. Watch their interview below, and be sure to support arts in our area by going to “A National Haunting!” this weekend!