Behind the Scenes: LanternAsia at Norfolk Botanical Garden

I spend my day talking about all the wonderful things in Hampton Roads (do I have a great job, or what?) but LanternAsia at the Norfolk Botanical Garden really caused me to pause and say “Wow!”

In our many gorgeous parks and venues we are fortunate enough to get everything from international music stars to priceless works of fine art to touring Broadway shows. But LanternAsia is something truly unique.

I was fortunate enough to get a behind-the-scenes tour, trudging through the gardens while

hrScene Senior Producer Sarah for scale
hrScene Senior Producer Sarah for scale

Chinese artisans worked on assembling and plotting amazing displays of brightly colored ornaments. Very LARGE brightly colored ornaments. They reminded me of grounded kites, standing out brilliantly against the winter-worn garden.

Photos: Behind the Scenes of LanternAsia

The show itself is very large, too, sprawling through most of the familiar grounds, with incredible lanterns strung in trees and seemingly gliding across the water.

The walk-through tour opens March 5th and runs for 70 days and 70 nights. Frankly, the gorgeous colors were stunning enough for me during the day and I didn’t even think of all the amazing lanterns lighting after twilight, but I was assured that it’s just as brilliant, if not more so, after dark.

The opening day ceremonies will involve an all day, into-the-night festival modeled after a traditional Chinese Lantern Festival. Keep an eye on and hrScene for details about that event.

For a closer look behind the scenes at LanternAsia, watch the video below! See you at Norfolk Botanical Garden for LanternAsia, starting March 5th!