Chesapeake, Suffolk, Va. Beach Ranked Among Best Cities for Vets 2015

Chesapeake, Suffolk and Virginia Beach were acknowledged in a recent study by NerdWallet to be among the best cities for Veterans in 2015. The cities were ranked 7th, 15th and 33rd, respectively.

The blog site evaluated 1,286 cities across the country and calculated the rankings with criteria including percentage of vets in the population, public administration, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, utilities workforce, vet unemployment rate, median income for vets and vets who live below the poverty line. Chesapeake, Suffolk and Virginia Beach earned overall scores of 85.60, 83.97 and 79.36, respectively.

The methodology used to assess each city used two key areas: economic opportunity (70 percent of the overall score) and community (30 percent).

Some of the key takeaways from the study is that according to NerdWallet, veterans usually stay in proximity of military bases, the top cities ranked have a higher percentage of veterans than the national average, and veteran unemployment in the top ranked cities is lower than the general population.

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