Could a Big Star be Attending Groundhog Day in Hampton Roads?

The Virginia Living Museum has launched a social media campaign that could bring actor, comedian and all-around eccentric personality Bill Murray to the Newport News facility. One of the VLM’s biggest events is Groundhog Day, as their resident marmot Chesapeake Chuck predicts the weather with WAVY 10 Meteorologist Jeremy Wheeler. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the museum, so the folks over there thought what better way to celebrate the milestone than to have Chuck meet Bill. For fans of great 90’s comedies like myself, you will remember Murray played a meteorologist stuck in time in the 1993 classic Groundhog Day.

The campaign is off and running. According to the VLM it has already stretched across the county. While Murray’s appearance has not been confirmed yet, the VLM says that the official invite has been sent. The City of Newport News has even gone as far as proclaiming Feb. 2, 2016 as “Bill Murray Day”.

wheelerWheeler, the event’s MC, is 100 percent behind about the campaign:

“I’m excited about the possibility of Bill Murray coming to the event! He starred in one of the best comedies of our lifetime, and it’s a bonus that he played a weatherman in the movie. He is a big inspiration. Whether he visits or not, it is always a fun event to do!”





The opportunity has been the inspiration behind Chesapeake Chuck’s New Years resolutions:

CHESAPEAKE CHUCK’s NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTION #1: Eat a healthy meal with Bill Murray at his restaurant in Charleston SC,…

CHESAPEAKE CHUCK’s NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTION #2: To get on the court with the greatest basketball player of all time… Bill…

CHESAPEAKE CHUCK’s NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTION #3: To BINGE WATCH all Bill Murray movies… AGAIN! What is YOUR favorite? Mine…

You can jump in on social media by using the hashtag #HelpChuckMeetBillMurray. Also to get more information about the vent visit the VLM’s Facebook page or website.