d’Art Center Artists Get Outpouring of Support from Community

While the city of Norfolk has recently begun construction to repair the Selden Arcade after the April 17 explosion that displaced many artists from their workspaces, community organizations have stepped up with an outpouring of support during their time of need.

After the incident, community organizations have provided studio and exhibition space for resident artists, including office space for staff and classroom locations.

“Harbor Group International is proud to assist d’Art Center by providing them space at 555 East Main Street’s ground floor lobby as high-profile gallery space,” said Brooks Crowley Vice President of the World Trade Center in Norfolk. “This highly visible gallery will serve as an excellent home for local artists who contribute so much to the beauty and culture of Downtown Norfolk. We are honored to bring such great artwork to 555 East Main as a home for the local art community and an amenity to tenants of the building.”

Resident artist Deb Munroe expressed appreciation of this loaned space and said it has, “great natural light and it has been a joy to have such a beautiful setting to be able to create and display my work.”

Currently, resident artists from d’Art Center are exhibiting works in a group exhibition at the Okay Spark Gallery in Norfolk, with no gallery commission collected. This show runs through July 31.

“As a local artist for over 30 years my respect and admiration for the d’Art Center and its artists runs deep,” said Matthew Fine of Okay Spark. “We are thrilled Okay Spark can act as a temporary home to create community for the artists and give them a chance to sell some work during this difficult time.”

Photos: Fundraiser helps d’Art Center recover

Right now, d’Art classes are being held at Temple Israel in Norfolk, again at no charge. Officials at the Temple decided to support the artists after seeing news coverage of the incident.

“We are just so very happy to offer our space and allow your artists to continue with their classes, said Nancy Tucker, Executive Director at Temple Israel said of the artists of d’Art Center. “You provide an important service and beauty to our community, it should be allowed to continue, whether you have your space or not.”

After construction is complete, which is scheduled to last several months, d’Art Center will return to the Selden Arcade, where artists will resume their focus.

d’Art Center is an environment where working artists are a part of an interactive arts community that engages the public through the experience of art and the creative process, Joan L. Rhodes-Copeland, the Executive Director of Greater Hampton Roads wrote in a press release. All activities at the center are aimed at bringing artistic experiences and education to the public.

For more information on visits, classes and events, visit d-artcenter.org, email connect@d-artcenter.org, or visit the organization’s Facebook page.