‘Dream Designs’ Prom Dresses For All

The 3rd annual Dream Designs‘ Event is happening on Friday, April 15th. I chatted with the Dream Designs Coordinator Sandra Burgess about this year’s event!

  • Q: Annaka Chesnutt, FOX 43
  • A: Sandra Burgess, Dream Designs Coordinator, Peninsula Dream Center


Tell me about the ‘Dream Designs‘ Event Happening at Peninsula Dream Center

  • This is our third year of hosting the ‘Dream Designs’ event. It’s an outreach program to urban areas and any young girl that may not be able to afford a prom dress so they will be given the opportunity to get one here. 

prom7 prom2

Walk me through the process when young ladies sign up.

  • The event for the teen is discreet. She signs up for an appointment time online, but the event itself is kind of a high-end affair where we hold a reception for the attendees while they are waiting for their appointment time. There are hors d’ouvres and waiters. ‘She’ enters the boutique and has a personal shopper who stays with ‘her’ until they find a dress. We provide a photographer who can take pictures of ‘her’ having fun with her friends and the dresses they’ve chosen. Then the personal shopper will escort ‘her,’ with the dress, to an area where ‘she’ can choose her jewelry and shoes to match. After all the items are selected, then we have a parting gift when they leave.

What is the overall goal?

  • The overall goal, is not to just provide a dress but, to make the young ladies feel really good about themselves. We have a lot of attentive people on the floor whose goals are to just ‘ooh and aww’ over them and have a fun time. 

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When is the event and how do you get an appointment?

  • The event is April 15th from 6-9 p.m. The girls who need a dress can go online and make an appointment at www.peninsuladreamcenter.com/dd. There are appointment times available and so far we have 175 girls signed up! We have the potential to take up to 300 girls – and right now we are at 1452 dresses, so there are plenty options to choose from!

What are some things you still need that the Hampton Roads community can help with?

  • More dresses – specifically larger dress sizes too! Right now we have a great selection but the more girls we get, the more options we want to provide them with. This year we have a nice assortment of size 14+, which last year we didn’t get as many, but we are still recruiting for more. We will take dresses right up ’til the event and BEYOND the event. We collect dresses all year to have them ready for this event. We’d also really like to provide some healthy fruits, vegetable and hors d’ouvres during the reception time, which will have approximately 400 people, so vendors are welcome to donate as well. 

**For more details on how you can sign-up or contribute, visit: www.peninsuladreamcenter.com**