En Garde! Meet the Tidewater Fencing Club

There’s a space in Chesapeake that’s filled with chivalry, swords, and people of all ages eager to learn and practice both. Introducing the Tidewater Fencing Club.

Actually, the TFC needs no introduction; if it does, I’m over 40 years too late. The Club was founded in 1972 but finds its first permanent home at 1417 Kelland Drive, Suite J in Chesapeake. This is a very positive development for Hampton Roads’ fencing enthusiasts and all of those who want to try it out.

Photos: Tidewater Fencing Club

Fencing is a full body workout that improves wellness inside and out. Besides the obvious aerobic activity of swordplay, a true fencer must have a very analytical brain. “Fencing is for everyone,” explains Tidewater Fencing Club Co-Chair Tim Vincent with a sweeping arm movement. He’s right. There are elementary schoolers next to retirees wielding (safe) training swords of similar sizes, engaging in the same activities. Vincent also explained the finer points of wheelchair fencing, pointing out that the TFC has members who have experience with chair fencing and that lowed ambulatory problems are no reason to miss out on this amazing sport. IMG_2026

And fencing is a truly amazing, and surprisingly overlooked, sport. We can probably all name sword fights we’ve loved in TV or movies, but actually trying it? After seeing fencers and students hard at work I can only say “why not? Looks like fun!”

See for yourself this weekend. The Tidewater Fencing Club is holding an open house on Saturday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. where you can see demos and check the place out.

You can also learn more about Tidewater Fencing Club online:

Email: info@tidewaterfencing.com
Phone: 757-233-0084
Website: http://www.tidewaterfencing.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/TidewaterFencingClub
witter: twitter.com/tidewaterfc