Engine Room of USS Wisconsin Now Open to Public

If you have ever been to the USS Wisconsin have you ever thought, “How did this massive ship operate?” Well now you can get a glimpse into some Naval engineering history with Nauticus opening, “Life in the Engine Room” tours aboard the battleship.

This one-hour tour takes you all the way down seven decks, below the boilers, to see the ship’s dynamic operating systems. Years of preservation, manpower and updating fire codes were part of the Nauticus’ efforts to open the highly requested-to-visit areas.

You will see everything from the massive steam-powered boiler system, to the ship’s electrical system; which could power a small city, to even the preserved Naval artwork that sailors drew on walls and pipes since the ship launched in 1943.

Photos: USS Wisconsin Opens Engine Room

The crew over at Nauticus recommends you dress comfortably for the tour because of the confined spaces and many stairs you will go up and down. Also tours can only go up to groups of 10.

The tour is $20 per person in addition to regular admission. For more information, call 757-664-1000.