March Madness at the Virginia Zoo

Photo Courtesy: Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

Spring is here, and over 500 cute animals want to see you. This month, the Virginia Zoo is making it easier than ever for you to visit.

Beginning March 1, the Zoo’s 11,000 members can now experience more of Coastal Virginia’s popular attractions. 2018 Zoo memberships also grant admission to nine other attractions in the state.

Every day this month at the Virginia Zoo, they’re giving members “March Madness.” March Madness hopes to make every trip to the Zoo a new adventure. The month long event includes:

Train Tuesdays. Every Tuesday in March, you can climb aboard the Norfolk Southern Express- twice. The Zoo Train, an infamous attraction for its charming and educational adventure tours- will let you board twice for the price of one ticket with Buy One, Get One Free deal. Or, if you want, you could bring your friend.

Friend Fridays. Speaking of friends- every Friday you get one free guest ticket (per household) for non-zoo members. That friend who refuses to believe there’s actually a giraffe in Norfolk? You’ll show them now.

Sunday Funday with Tango the Tiger. Or, if tigers are more your thing, you can find Tango the Tiger. In fact, Tango the Tiger might find you- because he’ll be in a different location every week, lying in wait to surprise you. Just kidding, he’s a mascot- and he won’t eat you, but you can take his picture, and impress your kids the way only humans in adult-size animal suits can.