Fundraiser Held to Restore d’ART Center

After an explosion collapsed a wall at the Selden Arcade, causing damage to the d’ART Center and Artists’ Studios, community members put on a benefit Sunday at Smartmouth Brewery to help the artists who were impacted by the loss of their studio spaces.

Dozens of locals came to the fundraiser featuring music, craft brews and an assortment of foods and artwork. The funds raised benefit the artists while the Selden Arcade remains closed pending repairs.

Photos: Fundraiser held to restore d’ART Center

“I think for everybody, it’s the loss of livelihood right now,” said Amy McKay, director of communications and d’ART artist. “We still have bills to pay and just like any professional out there we have deadlines to meet. We have major art shows that are local, regional, and national.”

The city said the Selden Arcade will remain closed for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, planned summer classes have been postponed until alternative locations can be found. Two of the events were moved to the Slover Library. Members can check d’ART Center’s website for future activities.

The fire department is still investigating what cause the explosion.