How to tHRive in Hampton Roads as a Young Professional

I would consider myself a “young professional” and a fairly typical one in the Hampton Roads area.

I’m relatively new in town, having moved here in the Spring (but being an ODU graduate and a Richmond native I was never too far out of pocket.) I’m 31, single, and one of those illusive millennials trying to navigate my career and personal life.

So I checked out a Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce tHRive event. I went to a “Table for Ten” event hosted at Town Center. $30 paid for dinner with several other young professionals and a more senior level local leader. The dazzling professional conversation was up to me.

After agonizing through the parking battle that seems to always happen when I try to do anything at Town Center, I ran into the private dining room at Gordon Biersch embarrassed to be a few minutes late and slightly out of breath. Mercifully conversation was already flowing easily between other young professionals and our business leader.

After we all ordered and dug in, a few Chamber attendees were armed with conversation starters, but quickly realized they were not necessary.

The chatter was some of the best conversation I’ve had since I moved here. The other young professionals at the table asked intelligent questions that were insightful and thought-provoking. We engaged in friendly debates about Hampton Roads and discussed ways to be successful in our wide range of fields. I learned a lot about our area and came away with a ton of great ideas on how to improve myself, my job, and my community.

There are all kinds of ways to be successful and networking is just a fraction of that, but if you think that engaging with local young professionals might be a good move for you (or heck, just sounds like a good time) I recommend checking out a tHRive event.

tHRive is free of charge, available to members and non-members of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce and open to the ages 21-39.