Ingleside Elementary Boosts Young Entrepreneurs

Watch out, Hampton Roads businessmen and women! These elementary school students from Ingleside in Norfolk are here to give you a run for your money!

Ingleside Elementary School’s Young Entrepreneurs program set up a showcase today featuring three student-run businesses: one for lemonade, one for body art, and even a family portrait studio.

The kids went door-to-door and invited local neighborhood businesses and families to their event. They also invited their local Norfolk Police Department to join in on the fun.

Ingleside Elementary Young Entrepreneurs ProgramThe Young Entrepreneurs sold all flavors of lemonade with fresh fruit, painted decorative body art, and got behind a camera to take portraits with scenic and school back drops. Prices ranged from $1 for a small lemonade to $5 for a two-design body art.

Richmond-based M.H. West & Co., Inc., is the sponsor of this innovative Young Entrepreneurs program for the school. All of the proceeds from this event will be matched by M.H. West & Co., Inc., and donated to the local SPCA.

Congratulations, Ingleside Young Entrepreneurs, on a successful event!