Kam Chancellor Gives iPads to Norfolk Students

NFL star Kam Chancellor is helping some lucky Norfolk Public School students get the school year started right with new iPads and keyboards.

This year, five students from James Monroe Elementary School were selected to receive engraved iPad minis with wireless Bluetooth keyboards based on their performance on State Standards of Learning tests (SOL’s). These students displayed the highest scores in the fifth grade class in math, science, reading and social studies.

“I am really excited about the iAchieve program and the progress we’ve made, as far as meeting the educational needs of children from low socioeconomic backgrounds,” said Chancellor. “Many children live in home with little to no access to technology. We cannot expect them to be academically competitive without leveling the playing field and giving them the tools they need to succeed.”

For more information about Kam Cares Foundation and the iAchieve Program, please visit www.kamcaresfoundation.org