KOOZA- A Review-za by a Cirque Newbie

I have been looking forward to KOOZA for a long time.

I was lucky enough to catch a lot of the pre-show stuff; the tent raising, some of the artists warming up, a glimpse  behind the scenes (Check it out!) and a lot of pre-show chatter with Cirque du Soleil professionals about how the show comes together, tours, etc.

And still I was not prepared.

It was my first Cirque show and I spent a lot of time gasping and clapping and burying my face in my date’s shoulder like a small child. KOOZA was a spectacle from the before the show even started when I was doused with popcorn and confetti (no good seats go unpunished) to the curtain call.

The acrobatics are simply other-worldly and the athleticism of the performances made me feel like I needed to go for a jog, but the feeling I really took away from the show while sitting in 264 construction traffic heading home was how the whole spectacle made me feel like a child.

Don’t get me wrong- I pride myself on holding onto as much wonderment as possible in my life. But sometimes it’s hard to suspend all of the grown-up stuff and appreciate the amazing, delightful things that surround us (and in Hampton Roads, there are plenty!) Cirque du Soleil kind of forces you to let go of everything for awhile by bombarding you with amazing things to see. There was even no phone-checking; I couldn’t miss a moment.

KOOZA performers
Photos: KOOZA Behind the Scenes

You should check it out. It really is an amazing experience.

Tickets can run on the pricey side (it looks like tickets start around $30 depending on the performance you select) so read up and make sure the show is worth the investment for you and your family. If you do see the show, please come back here and comment with your experience (or chat on Facebook or Twitter) because I’m dying to chat about KOOZA with anyone who will listen.

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