Let’s Monkey Around At Adventure Park

The Barrel of Monkeys Challenge is happening this Sunday at Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium. I chatted with the General Manager for Adventure Park, Kema Geroux , about this year’s event.

  • Q: Annaka Chesnutt, FOX 43
  • A: Kema Geroux, General Manager for Adventure Park
  • What exactly is the Barrel of Monkeys Challenge?

It’s an opportunity for people to gather together with friends and family, to compete against time on trails through the treetops.  It’s very much like a relay race through the park, and your time is then compared to other competing teams to see who will win prizes!

monkeys2 monkeys3

  • Is this something that families can participate in together?

Yes! It’s definitely something families and friends can all participate in.  They would need to make sure the ages complied with the restrictions or each course and the different levels of difficulty.

  • Age Restrictions Apply Based on Trail Difficulty Rating:
    *Sunshine Trail Climbers must be age 7+
    *Jungle Pass Trail Climbers must be age 10+
    *Waterfall Trail Climbers must be age 12+
    *Black Storm Climbers must be age 14+
  • It’s a timed event, how long do participants have to complete the challenge?

When participants sign up for the Barrel of Monkeys Challenge, they get 3 hours of unlimited climbing along with participating in the timed relay race. You can decide if you want to practice first or get straight to the race, get your time and then ‘monkey around’ after.


  • You are awarding the top 3 teams with a prize, can you give me the details?

Park Passes Awarded to Top 3 Teams!

  • What kind of ‘swag’ do you get when you sign up before Nov. 11