Local Artists Find a Haven in Electroganic

Tucked away on a side street in Norfolk in an unassuming building is an oasis for local bands. The scattered potpourri of issues that create obstacles for Hampton Roads artists and prevents them from really taking off is answered within the walls of Electroganic.

“We encourage creative professionals,” says Bobbly Phillips, co-brain behind Electroganic. “We are creative people trying to help more creative people.”

Phillips and his brother Jesse started Electroganic with screen printing and audio engineering. Now the services offered have expanded to allow Electroganic to be sort of a “jack of all trades” for local artists. They provide not only t-shirts and sounds but a practice space, video shooting, listening parties, live shows, and, perhaps most importantly, an environment with a lot of love and collaboration.

The sense I got hanging out at Electroganic was one of support. Bobby waxed poetic about the artistic scene in Norfolk, musing about the beloved venues where he’s run audio and his observations of being a local on the scene for practically his whole life. Electroganic started in 2011 but the Phillips brothers are native to the area and have been playing music since they were children.

“It’s crazy  how much this place changes,” Phillips mused, simultaneously talking about Electroganic and Norfolk in general. The city and the collaborative space are both organic beings, changing and developing based on the needs of the residents, respectively. Phillips aims for a 24/7 print shop eventually, with possible expansion while avoiding the lure of conglomerates or corporations.

“If they’re doing it on their own and making it happen, that’s what we want,” says Phillips. “Surround yourself with people who let you grow. Let’s do the thing. Let’s make it happen.”

For more information about Electroganic and their services, visit their website.