My Experience with the Funny Bone Comedy School

Hampton Roads has an incredible bounty of opportunity for learning, whether you’re looking for college classes or personal enrichment. It’s for the latter reason that I decided to take classes at the Virginia Beach Funny Bone’s Comedy School.

Going into the class, I was a little concerned. My fellow classmates all expressed their reasons for being there as, “I was always told I was funny” and “I just love being up on stage.” Neither of those things are true for me! Sure, I make my friends laugh sometimes, but the thought of being on stage makes me break out into a cold sweat. Then I focused on some of the other benefits from taking the class.

  • I conquered the stage fright.
The class listens to instructor Tim Loulies before taking our turns on stage

It’s really hard to beat that anxiety, but sure enough, week after week I felt a little better about getting up on stage. I had stories to tell; funny stories! My classmates were kind and, most importantly, all learning too. Although we were from all walks and stages of life, we spoke one common language: we all wanted to be good at this, and we all wanted to have fun up there. The instructor and the classmates were very supportive and applauded even at the dud jokes, those kind souls.


  • I learned how to write a joke.

Well, I started to learn, anyway. The craft of joke-writing takes years and years but I got a solid foundation at the Funny Bone. My classmate Sheila summed it up nicely, saying, “After performing our sets each week, we would get on the spot review and feedback.  As with all writing, many bits were sent back for revising and many he said to just keep exactly as they were.  With so many different personalities and different types of comedy from my fellow peers, I also got to see how he takes each set and pulls together a whole show.”

David tries out his material on the class
David tries out his material on the class
  • I met some great people.

What a cool thing to bring a bunch of people together! After a few classes, it felt like I was in the trenches with my classmates. We laughed together, we cringed together, and we learned together. Even though I’ll probably never have my own HBO special, I had a blast! Sheila agrees! She says, “If you have ever wanted to get up on stage and try out some bits, and have tons of fun doing it, I would highly recommend this class!  I definitely looked forward to each class as the highlight of the week!”

If you want to see the fruits of the class’ labor, the graduation show is Wednesday, April 27th. It’s FREE to attend, but you must call ahead for reservations. The next term for Comedy School is expected to start in late June. For the official announcement, keep an eye on Funny Bone Comedy School’s Facebook Page, Twitter, @FBComedySchool or the Instagram: @FunnyBoneComedySchool.

If you want to see some graduates from the school go head-to-head, then you need to check out Comedy Smackdown the very next day, Thursday. Local stand-up comics go head-to-head in a roast-style, wrestling-themed battle. Only one will win the coveted belt!

For more information on these and all future comedy shows at the Virginia Beach Funny Bone, visit