Newport News PD Begins Mobile ‘Police & Pals’ Program

On Thursday, the Newport News Police Department unveiled its new “Police & Pals Mobile Activity Center Program.” It’s aimed at pleasing the city’s youngest members.

There are three trailers — one for each precinct — and they contain items for interactive outdoor games and activities. Officers will take the trailers to neighborhoods across the city and use the games and equipment to interact with youth.

“It’s another tool for us to interact with the community,” Captain Mike Grinstead said at the unveiling. “It’s always important just not to see us as enforcement all the time. We’re also people, and we really want to get out and interact with the community, so that they know we’re there when they need us, and just open up the lines of communication.”

The goal of the program is to build stronger relationships and mutual respect between police, children and the community. It’s all funded by the Newport News Police Foundation.