Norfolk Coast Guard Lt. Runs Ironman Races for Fallen Hokies

Coast Guard Lieutenant Jacqueline (Jax) Bethel is also an Ironman triathlete. But when she runs those races, she runs them with a heavy heart.

Lt. Bethel is a 2008 graduate from Virginia Tech. She will never forget the day the school made history for the wrong reason. From that day, “Live for 32” was born as a way for the Virginia Tech community to keep the spirit alive for the 32 lives lost that day. She then came up with her own way to honor her fellow fallen Hokies.

After Jax finished her half-Ironman in Texas, she decided running a race for each person lost was her way of “Living for 32”. She is running her first full Ironman race for all 32 lost.

See Lt. Bethel’s full story and inspiration in the video below:

(Video courtesy of Ironman Triathlon)