I Live For A Cruise

Watching the Carnival Splendor pull out of Norfolk reminds me why cruising might be my favorite way to vacation.   Last night I stopped my workout to wave at all the happy passengers floating off to vacation land!   There is something magical about setting sail to to meet new adventures, places and people that is unmatched.  Some of my most memorable and exciting vacations have been cruise vacations and here’s why I live for a good cruise!

-There is a cruise for (almost) everyone.  I know some people really don’t like cruises but I’ll argue that every cruise is not created equal and every cruise ship isn’t the same. If you love mingling in crowds, lots of kids and big endless buffets there is a cruise for you.  If you love luxury, have discriminating taste, fine dining and intimate settings there is a cruise for you.  There are 1 day itineraries and 20+ day itineraries, expensive cruises and cheap cruises, fancy ships and laid back options, adventure cruises, art cruises, concert cruises, celebrity cooking cruises and the list goes on and on.  With so many options for itineraries, prices and amenities do a little research to find what matches your preference best.

-Cruises can be a very affordable vacation. There are some deal options for families to go for around $80 per person a day.  You can’t get a ticket to some amusement parks for that price!  With meals, accommodations, entertainment and most amenities included you’ll be pleased with the how far your money will go on a cruise. It is great way to see many different countries with itineraries sailings to many different ports around the world for a reasonable cost.

Cruising the Caribbean Islands.
Cruising the Caribbean Islands.

-It’s just too easy!  Once you decide on a cruise and itinerary you don’t have to worry about meals, entertainment, or excursion options.  The ships make everything easy. There is no need to spend hours researching when the cruise has already done it the homework for you by lining up the best of what there is to offer, you only need to decide when are where you want to go.

-Cruising is a very relaxing way to travel. The sound of the ocean instantly puts me at ease.  Crashing waves, the endless blue sea and beautiful sky are only the beginning.  You just unpack your suitcase once, float to multiple ports via your floating hotel and wake up to a new destination each day.  On top of that cruise ships have exceptional staff trained to be sure you have a relaxing journey.

Princess Cruise in Curacao
Princess Cruise in Curacao

-With ships sailing out of Norfolk and other ports within a drive from here. Living in Hampton Roads, we can literally pack a bag, hop on the Tide, drive or maybe even walk to get on a ship.  Even if you decide on an itinerary that leaves from other ports (like I often do) it’s still easy with New York, Baltimore and New Jersey just a drive away and hundreds of options out of Florida or around the world your only a plane ticket and cruise ship away from your dream vacation.

Have you ever been on a cruise? Tell me about your favorite!

Lunch in Dominica  before returning to the ship.
Lunch in Dominica before returning to the ship.