Oceanfront Artists ‘Chalk the Walk’

Hundreds of artists grabbed some chalk and created beautiful art on the boardwalk at the Virginia Beach oceanfront.

About 200 artists took over the Boardwalk between 15th and 17th Streets for the Chalk the Walk Art Explosion.

Each artist drew inside a four-by-four-foot chalk drawing.
They competed for prizes that were awarded for the top drawings in three categories.
The theme this year was Mysteries of the Ocean.

“It’s really sort of a pop up art gallery,” said Mike Hilton with Beach Events. “It’s something you don’t expect walking down the boardwalk to see chalk drawings right into your feet. Pretty exciting. Something that’s just sort of created over the course of a few hours, then it’s gone.”

You can try to still go check it out – but the rain likely washed some of it away.