Portsmouth Reveals Seawall LOVE Statue

Portsmouth is feeling the love these days. Support Portsmouth Public Art and the Virginia Tourism Corporation revealed the newest LOVE statue at the city’s seawall. Virginia is for Lovers and the Portsmouth Museum and Fine Arts Commission also took part in the initiative.

The LOVE monument was created by two Portsmouth artists, Orlen Stauffer and Irving Wolff. The design of the piece is that each letter has meaning to the city of Portsmouth.

L – The stars and stripes in the direction of the waves are a symbol for the role Portsmouth played in the history of the nation.
O – Represents the sun, which accompanies the waves, and offers creative photo engagement with the statue.
V – The anchor is a tribute to Portsmouth’s lifelong maritime history beginning with the Gosport yard.
E – The fireworks on the letter highlight the site of the statue as the best place to watch fireworks along the Elizabeth River.

The site of the statue also honors the city’s sea legs with the Naval Hospital and marina in direct view. Also the Naval Shipyard and the Marine Terminals are less than two miles away in either direction.

The LOVE monument is located at 14 Crawford Parkway.

The statue makes a great photo op. Please share your “LOVE” photos; email them to reportit@wavy.com