Strawberry Picking Guide on hrScene

Nothing tastes quite as sweet as a strawberry you pick yourself. Spring and summer are the perfect times to snag baskets of these delicious, nutritious berries and there are a ton of berry farms in Hampton Road where you can enjoy a day in the sunshine (don’t forget your sunscreen!) and gather your own fruit.

If you’re not the picking type, many farms offer pre-picked baskets and other produce for purchase. Call the individual farms or check their websites for more details! Remember that most of these are family-owned, so calling ahead is always a good idea to make sure they’re open and ready for your picking.

Virginia Beach

Brookdale Farms Pungo 2060 Vaughan Rd. (757) 721-0558
Strawberry fields opening in early May 2015. There is no “admission charge,” you pay for what you pick. All children receive stickers. Check Facebook  for updates on berries and to plan your day at the farm. Also has a Chesapeake Location.

Cromwell’s Produce 3116 New Bridge Rd. (757) 721-6226
Offers a fresh produce stand, U-pick strawberries opening early May 2015.

Cullipher Farm Market 1444 Princess Anne Rd. (757) 721-7456
Farmer’s Market, Ice Cream parlor and bake shop along with U-pick strawberries. Recommends weekend picking. Check their Facebook for hours and updates.

Flanagan Farm 1880 N. Muddy Creek Rd. (757) 426-5585
Offers farm fresh veggies and U-pick strawberries with a smile! Double check website or call for picking times.

Flip Flop Farmer 3244 New Bridge rd. Pungo (757) 426-9908
Wear your flip flops to pick your berries! You pick $1.79 a lb. or $4.50 pre-picked quarts. Open daily 7a to 6p. Check their Facebook for updates.

Henley Farms 3484 Charity Neck Rd. (757) 426-7501
Open every day 7:00am-7:00pm. Cash, check, and credit are excepted. (No American Express) Strawberry prices are: $1.79 per lb under 20 lbs and $1.69 per lb over 20 lbs. Check Facebook for updates.

Salem Berry Farm 1763 Salem Rd. (757) 818-3156
Normal hours are 8am to 6pm, and their standard berry prices are $1.99/lb. Double check the website or call for details.

Vaughan Farms 1258 Princess Anne Rd. (757) 615-4888
Hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., known for strawberries and sweet corn. Check the website or call before heading up to verify picking conditions.


Brookdale Farms Chesapeake 2133 Mt. Pleasant Rd (757) 721-0558
Strawberry fields opening in early May 2015. There is no “admission charge,” you pay for what you pick. Check Facebook  for updates on berries and to plan your day at the farm. Also has a Virginia Beach location.

Hickory Ridge Farm 2928 Battlefield Blvd. (757) 560-6763
During the growing season, they sell fresh produce, jams and jellies, and flowers and bedding plants. In the springtime, they offer pick-your-own strawberries, providing a basket if necessary. Check Facebook for updates.

Lilley Farms 2800 Tyre Neck Rd. (757) 435-2085
Fresh Picked and Pre-picked Strawberries, open daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Call or check website for details.

Poor John’s Farm 914 Dominion Blvd. (757) 679-9707
Typical hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. but call ahead for U-pick times and availability.


Goose Hill Farm 22090 Bethel Rd. (757) 569-8453
A family run farm located in Franklin, Virginia. Call or check Facebook for their hours and availability.


College Run Farms 2051 Alliance Rd. (757) 294-3970
Offers pick your own produce throughout the years. May – strawberries, June & July – blueberries, July & early August – sweet corn, late September & October – pumpkins and gourds. Call ahead or check the website for hours.


Millfarm Christmas Trees and Berry Farm 4900 Fenton Mill Rd. Williamsburg (757) 566-2035
Open Tuesday-Sunday 8 a.m. til sunset. Call for automated updates and check them out on facebook.

Wood’s Orchard 183 E. Mercury Blvd. Hampton (757) 722-2873
Expecting a late start to the U-pick strawberry crop in 2015. Call or check Facebook for current picking conditions.


Oliver Farms Produce 18222 Longview Dr. (757) 255-4563
Picking times vary, so please call if you want to come picking. Pre-orders are accepted. Check their Facebook page for updates.

Fresh, local strawberries make a nutritious snack. Ounce for ounce, strawberries have more vitamin C than citrus fruit. They are naturally sweet and a very good source of antioxidants, dietary fiber, folate and potassium. Eat up!

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