Suffolk Rocked By Community Kindness Project

The City of Suffolk has been rocked lately by a gem of an idea that is painting the community in kindness.

Suffolk Rocks is a movement where people paint/decorate ordinary rocks and then hide them around the city for people to find.

It all got started as a Facebook page which now has over 6,000 members.

“What made me want to be apart of it [Suffolk Rocks] is just the nicest of the people involved. It’s just a great group of people that are out there to help people,” says Donna Perry, owner of Derl’z Pub, who hosts rock painting parties that also raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

From the Lake Meade Park trail to the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts to the Visitor’s Center the rocks can be found all over Suffolk.

If you find one, take a picture of it then go to the Suffolk Rocks Facebook page, request to be a member, and then upload your picture.

Also you can keep the rock or hide it for someone else to find.