Two Local Students ‘Take Action Against Distraction’

Abigail Polansky (far left) and Mason Dodzik (third from left) visited the state capitol today as finalists for the DMV’s license plate contest. Photo Courtesy: DMV

Two local students, one from Williamsburg and one from Virginia Beach, were finalists in the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) license plate design contest for their “Take Action Against Distraction” campaign.

Abigail Polansky from Jamestown High School and Mason Dodzik from Cape Henry Collegiate School submitted their designs for the contest and, out of nearly 200 entries, they were chosen as two of the eight finalists in the contests, according to a press release.

On April 12, Polansky and Dodzik visited the state capitol for the official announcement of the contest winner by Governor Ralph Northam, Secretary of Transportation Shannon Valentine and the DMV.

Polansky (top) and Dodzik’s (bottom) design slogans will be featured on DMV message boards across the state. Photo Courtesy: DMV

The contest winner was a student from Blacksburg High School named Kaya Windpainter with her “Eyes on the Road” design. She received a $1,000 prize and her design will be available on license plates in the commonwealth this summer.

Polansky and Dodzik’s design slogans will be displayed on the DMV’s digital message boards on the major roadways.

“Throughout this contest, our goal was to start a conversation about distracted driving,” said DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb, the Governor’s Highway Safety Representative in a press release. “With nearly 200 contest entries and more than 17,000 votes, our expectations were exceeded. Seeing Kaya’s design on license plates and the anti-distracted driving messages on digital message boards across the Commonwealth will ensure the conversation continues.”

The winning design by Kaya Windpainter from Blacksburg that will be seen on license plates beginning this summer. Photo Courtesy: DMV