Vendors Cashing in on Great Weather at Harborfest

Day two of Harborfest saw good weather prevail. The clear sky was a welcome sight for festival vendors who see their fortunes tied directly to the weather.

Tall masts, live tunes and long lines draw the landscape of Norfolk’s Harborfest; Those long lines usually leading up to food vendors, like Big Kahuna’s Kettle Corn.

“This will be probably our fourth or fifth year down here. We love coming down here,” Matt Talley of Big Kahuna said.

Matt Talley and his wife use the festival to get the Big Kahuna name spread out across Hampton Roads.

“As a matter of fact we’ve already booked a wedding and we have business cards and people come by all the time and they pick them up and they call us and Facebook us,” Talley said.

The established restaurants, like Virginia Beach’s Beach Bully Barbecue, feel right at home.

“Harborfest wouldn’t be anything without Beach Bully,” Carol Copeland from Beach Bully said. “We have the best barbecue in Virginia Beach.”

The festival can be a big money-maker all around, but only if good weather prevails.

“It’s better today than it was yesterday because yesterday it was kind of rainy and yucky and people didn’t wanna come out after work,” Copeland said.

“Yesterday was a little slow, today it blew up. Today was just great,” Talley said. “We probably sold three or four hundred bags.”