Virginia Beach Dog Has Bigger Eyes Than Stomach

If you’re not one for “corny” stories, then turn away. A Virginia Beach dog is recovering after having surgery to remove a corncob from her intestines.

The Boxer was “stalking” a trash can that contained corncob halves. Once Roxie “popped” open the top, she then ate seven halves. She then vomited up six of the cobs, but one remained lodged in her belly. Her owner had an “ear” out for Roxie who was acting sluggish and refused to eat.

Roxie was then rushed to BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital. After examining the X-ray, doctors quickly realized surgery would be necessary if Roxie were to survive. But the estimated cost, about $5,000, was more than Hudson could afford.

That’s when national pet charity, Frankie’s Friends, stepped in to help raise funds on Roxie’s behalf. The organization provides financial assistance to families with pets who need life-saving care.

Roxie is doing well, probably just don’t invite her to your next cookout.