Virginia Beach Firefighters Awarded for Saving a Dog

PETA is sending a “Compassionate Fire Department Award” to the Virginia Beach Fire Department for their efforts in saving a dog from a burning townhouse on Dec. 19.

After learning the homeowner’s dog was still inside the townhouse, Virginia Beach Firefighter Brady Ramstad ran inside and searched through the heavy smoke until he found the dog cowering behind a curtain in the bathroom. Ramstad scooped up the dog and carried him outside to safety.

The dog was not injured, but he was very scared, according to PETA spokesperson David Perle.

“I’m just doing the job that any other firefighter would have done,” Ramstad said about the rescue via press release. “We’re here for all life.”

“A little dog was spared a horrible death because of this brave firefighter’s commitment to helping anyone in strife, regardless of species,” says PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien in a press release. “PETA is recognizing the Virginia Beach Fire Department for its kindness and quick action, which will hopefully inspire people everywhere to come to the aid of animals in need.”

The fire department will receive a package of the fire-alert stickers, a framed certificate, a box of vegan cookies, and a copy of The Engine 2 Diet—a Texas firefighter’s 28-day plan for staying in prime firefighting shape by eating plant-based meals.