5 Tips for Great Girls Getaways

No work, no kids, no worries and no guys! There is nothing like letting your hair down and going on an amazing vacation with your favorite girlfriends. Whether you want to make it a road trip, go international or stay local and invite your BFF’s for a visit to Hampton Roads, here are five tips for creating great girls getaways, where you can reconnect with the girls.

Guest List: A great trip starts with inviting the right group of ladies. First, be sure you have the right circle of friends for chemistry and fun, then you’ll need to make sure the guest list is manageable for planning. The larger the group, the more variables there are including transportation, large group reservation stipulations and various other limitations that may come with big parties. Take some time and think about who will fit in with your group dynamics and how many people should attend.

Communication Is Key: Facebook groups, webpages, group texts, conference calls and snail mail all work fine, just figure out what is ideal for your friends and share information about the trip early and often. Communication with your group as plans are made for accommodations, the itinerary and other details keeps everyone informed, engaged and excited about the upcoming vacation! The more detail and information, the better the planning and preparation will be for everyone.

wndPick Your Destination: Taking the time to research the location, weather, activities, itinerary and things you might do when you all gather are some of the most important factors when determining the location. Think about the group you are gathering and what some of your common interests and goals are for the getaway, then create a list of cities that meet that criteria and work from there. Perhaps you’ll make it an annual trip and visit all the places on your list.

Prepare Everyone: Giving everyone plenty of notice about the trip, the details, costs and dates is probably the most essential part to a really well planned trip. Allowing everyone time to prepare their homes, finances, jobs and families for the vacation helps ensure that everyone is “ready” when the time comes for you to go and enjoy your friends. Trying to prepare last-minute details in a hurry or budget for an unplanned vacation usually never happens. Be sure everyone is prepared and has enough time to plan properly.

Set The Date: Now, mark your calendar and book it. Once you’ve decided on the details make the reservations and move forward. You’ve done the leg work, now you’ve got to lock it in and get everyone going. Sending invitations is a good way to capture RSVP’s and make sure you are keeping an accurate count of attendees and an excellent way to prompt guests to take action to prepare to come.

dd1A good girls trip is always a fun way to reconnect with friends. It takes some planning and organization but it can be one of the most fun trips you’ll take.  Planning girls trips do require some give and take but the fun with your friends is always well worth it. After an amazing trip to Mexico last year, my girls and I are headed to California this fall.  Where will you go?