Virginia Beach’s Tony Robinson Wins best Biscuit-Maker in the South

Think Hampton Roads has the best biscuits in the South? You’re right.

In a regional contest featuring hundreds of biscuit makers across Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Kentucky, two of the winners were right here in Hampton Roads.

The Boddie-Noell Enterprises competition honored Hardee’s biscuit makers Tony Robinson of Virginia Beach and Brittany Bailey of Hampton as regional winners in the 2018 Biscuit Maker Challenge.

Tony Robinson was named the Top Biscuit Maker overall. Robinson works at the Hardee’s on Independence Blvd. in Virginia Beach. He’s been making biscuits there for over seven and a half years. His manager says the restaurant makes 565 biscuits a day on average, and this is not as easy as it sounds.

Robinson exudes genuine love and enthusiasm for all of life, including his job. His boss calls him a “one-man band,” meaning Robinson can take care of anything in the restaurant.

Robinson has the perfect biscuit-making process down to a science, describing a combination of “an exact golden-brown” and “finishing to a fully round diameter.” Any home cook will know the art that goes into baking, and one can only imagine the process magnified to almost 565 biscuits per day- all of them excellent.

“My grandmother made biscuits by hand,” Tony Robinson says. “She always said whatever you do, put your heart into it. And that’s what I do with these biscuits, I put my heart into them.”

Maybe that love is the secret ingredient that makes our Southern food so good.