Virginia Zoo Launching $2.6 Million Campaign to Renovate Reptile House

Local lizard lovers are in luck!

The Virginia Zoo just announced that it is launching a $2.6 million campaign to renovate the Zoo’s reptile house.

The renovation is designed to double the exhibit space inside the building’s existing area, and is being called the “World of Reptiles.” It’s expected to feature more than 60 individual environmentally controlled exhibits.

So far, the Zoological Society has raised one million dollars, and now they’re asking for your help to donate the remaining $1.6 million.

The old reptile house needs an update. It’s the Zoo’s oldest building, built in 1974. The renovation is expected to take a year, and will include a frog laboratory, reptile nursery, venomous snake and Virginia Zoo Reptile Building Exhibitdiversity of life galleries, a conservation education classroom and a family restroom. The Zoo is also planning to add underwater viewing for crocodiles and other improved viewing amenities.

The Zoo reports that 500,000 people visit every year. The Zoo estimates that the World of Reptiles will bring in an additional 30,000+ guests annually.
To support the project, the Zoo is asking those interested to contact the Development Office at 757-441-2374 ext. 220 or email