Virginia Zoo’s ZooFarm Opening June 8

Wednesday, June 8 is a big day at the Virginia Zoo! At 10 a.m., Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim is visiting to cut the ribbon on ZooFarm, and you should be there too.

There ceremony is taking place at the entrance of the exhibit, right across from the Reptile Building. After the ribbon cutting, you’re invited to explore ZooFarm and meet some of the animals.

And what a bunch of animals you’ll meet! The Virginia Zoo has added more than a dozen new breeds and species, including two types of porcupines, cavy, prairie dogs, sheep, zebu, duikers, a variety of birds and a new rodent house. You’ll also see long-time favorites like Kunekune pigs, cattle, alpacas and others. The interactive goat yard returns this year with more 20 baby Nigerian dwarf and mini LaMancha goats. Stay tuned this summer for a babydoll sheep and a miniature zebu to join the party!Virginia-ZooFarm2-600x450

“Like many other zoo professionals, I started my career as a teenager in a children’s zoo farm, so the area has been a special project for myself and several zoo keepers here at the Virginia Zoo,” said Virginia Zoo Executive Director Greg Bockheim.

The six barns that house all of these awesome animals have gotten an upgrade with new windows and fresh paint. The outdoor classroom offers animal encounters, and the nearby garden, irrigated with rainwater, will grow vegetables.

Be sure to visit the zoo! Visit for more details, including hours and prices.