“What If?” Wins Local Distracted Driving Student Video Contest

Some talented students across Hampton Roads used their skills — and their friends — to send an important message about distracted driving.

Students from 17 different area high schools created videos illustrating the dangers of distractions, such as responding to a text, adjusting music, and eating, among others.

A panel of judges narrowed the field down to the top four finalists, then the public got to weigh in, by viewing and voting at www.no2dd.com.

The entry titled “What If?”  took home the top prize. The trio of Tabb High School students, Malia Rosburg, Hope Matthews and Alisabeth Rodriquez, won $3,500 from Hall | MileOne Autogroup and Cox Communications. Their school receives an additional $3,500.

Click here to see the runner-up videos:

  • It’s Not Fair” by Casey Baker | Oscar Smith High School, Chesapeake

“A huge round of applause to all the students who participated in the No 2 Distracted Driving video essay contest this year,” said Jean Mahon, Hall I MileOne Autogroup’s Marketing Director. “We couldn’t be prouder of the response to our call for entries; if this endeavor prevents just one crash from happening due to distracted driving, we’ve made a difference. These students have demonstrated the reasons that distracted driving is so dangerous for teens and for us all.”

This was the fifth year Hall | MileOne Autogroup and Cox Communications held its “No 2 Distracted Driving” video contest.