‘i got this’ Cast Answers 27 Questions

FOX43 breaks new ground in local reality programming with its upcoming premiere of i got this!’ at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, September 28. But before the big night, we wanted you to get to know the cast a little better. We asked the group a total of 27 random questions. Their answers had to be quick and the first thing that came to mind. The questions ranged from whether they prefer chocolate or vanilla to if they could be anywhere in the world at this moment where would it be.

The show follows the life of six local people from various backgrounds and professions as they embark on a journey to change their lives and say, ‘i got this!’The cast includes J-Rod Tanner, Sarah Pope, Makayla Perry AKA “Kay”, Manny Mitchell, Taniki Richard, and John Morris.  J-Rod’s dream is to produce his own show, Sarah hopes to open her own Eco-Business, Makayla wants to launch her career as a Rapper, Manny Mitchell plans to become a motivational speaker , Taniki wants to run a marathon and John wants to simply learn how to enjoy life.

The show is packed with plenty of laughter and drama. Don’t miss the premiere tonight.