Locally-made film premieres this weekend

The Farmers are a hard-working duo ready to make a splash with Employee of the Year, a romantic comedy set in Norfolk.  The film will premiere this Saturday at the Old Dominion Theater.

Calisa Farmer works at Old Dominion University and will soon have two degrees from there.  Her husband, Charles Farmer, Jr., has a Business Management degree from St. Leo University and is former military.

After landing in Virginia Beach thanks to the military, the two have been in Hampton Roads for 26 years working at raising a family. For the last few years they have been teaming up on a new project. It’s called Synergy Cornerstone Entertainment Group, and this company is producing films made locally but garnering global feedback.

Their first film was titled IncompleteIt was shot around Hampton Roads and mostly edited in their home studio.  Released in 2013, it was sold online and has had good commentary and great sales, according to Calisa Farmer.  So with that success, they begin work on their second film — Employee of the Year.

The film follows C.C. — a quirky and perpetually out-of-work young lady (Olivia Anjenette of Norfolk)

Olivia Anjenette and K'bana Blaq in "Employee of the Year."  Courtesy: Synergy Cornerstone Entertainment Group, LLC
Olivia Anjenette and K’bana Blaq in “Employee of the Year.”
Courtesy: Synergy Cornerstone Entertainment Group, LLC

who just can’t seem to hold onto a job. She finds herself named “Employee of the Month” at a financial firm at which she has never even been employed!

K’Bana Blaq of Hampton is C.C.’s roommate and serves as the grounding she needs to get through it all.  Blaq also lends his voice to a song on the soundtrack.  And local music is a big part of the film.  Timbaland producer Maurice “Velly” Conaway handled the score and soundtrack.


Charles is the screenwriter; he’s been writing for 20 years.  He’s also the director.  Calisa lends poetry to the film, while another ODU alum lent his talent as the Director of Photography — Eric Hales of Off the Wire.

Screenings are this Saturday are at 4 and 7 p.m. at ODU.  A few more small screenings will follow while the couple work to secure a new distributor — hopefully for release to select theaters.

Check out the EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR FACEBOOK PAGE for more information.