Talkin’ Tunes with Lori Creek

Take a third of Georgia rock, a third of down home folk and a third of martial bliss – shake it up and you have Lori Creek.  Originally from south Georgia, Jason and Jessie Huard moved up the coast to Hampton Roads in 2012 as part of another band.  As the two of them started writing material and performing, they soon realized the unique rock-folk sound they created together was the perfect sound for them.

They went into Flagship Studio in Virginia Beach last year to record their debut EP and last week released the 4-song gem, Closer To Home.  In this edition of Talkin’ Tunes, we sit down the Huards to chat with them about their history, their record and what’s on the horizon for the band.  We also got a taste of the future as they performed a song that will be featured on their next release.

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