$40 Tickets for Loch Ness Monster 40th Anniversary

Busch Gardens Photo

You can go to Busch Gardens for a discounted rate of $40 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Loch Ness Monster roller coaster.

The special ticket can be purchased online only from June 1 to June 10 and is valid until July 1.

The anniversary festivities will include a variety of in-park deals like a summer drink special, Loch Ness Monster pretzels, doughnuts, Dippin’ Dots, a souvenir cup and unique photo opportunities.

The world’s only interlocking, double-looping roller coaster hurls passengers along more than 3,200 feet of steel track into the air, over water and through a dark cave. Dormant for years, the mountain cave will come alive again as Nessie’s anniversary gift to park guests.