Everything You Need to Know About Hunt Club Farm’s Goats

Photo Courtesy: Hunt Club Farm, Facebook

Hunt Club Farm in Virginia Beach recently posted to their Facebook that they had five baby goats for sale. It didn’t take long for these Pygmy-Nigerian Dwarf goats to sell out.

The farm breeds these goats to keep up their petting farm, but they also sell them three times a year to be pets in a caring home.

This particular cross-breed of Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goats makes for a good temperament and coloring, according to Randi Vogel with Hunt Club Farm. Both the breeds are smaller goats, typically staying under 50 pounds.

Photo Courtesy: Hunt Club Farm, Facebook

Vogel says if you are planning to buy a pet goat or already have one, make sure they have a fresh source of clean water and access to hay and grain all the time.

Goats are browsers, so they like to have a variety of vegetation around them. Vogel says goats are not good at keeping your grass cut; sheep do a better job.

Just like most pets they need yearly vaccinations, such as rabies shots, and they also need to have their feet trimmed regularly. Hunt Club Farm trims their goats’ feet every eight weeks.

If you think having a pet goat is the right thing for you, their next goat sale is planned for July. They even have a “goat contact list” you can sign up for to know when they are available. Visit their Facebook for more details.