Virginia Ranks Among Best States for Working Dads

By: , Media General

With Father’s Day just around the corner, WalletHub analyzed the best and worst states for working dads.

Studies have shown dads are taking a more active role at home with every passing year. According to the analysis, 60 percent of households depend on two incomes.

WalletHub reviewed a number of factors to come up with its rankings including work-life balance, health conditions, financial well-being and environments for raising children. Overall, 20 key areas were analyzed. Others included day care quality, male life expectancy, and the unemployment rate for dads with kids younger than 18.

Best states for working dads (including the District of Columbia):

1)      Minnesota
2)      New Hampshire
3)      Massachusetts
4)      Vermont
5)      New Jersey
6)      Virginia
7)      Wisconsin
8)      Maryland
9)      Utah
10)    Connecticut

Worst states for working dads (including the District of Columbia):

41) California
42) Arizona
43) Idaho
44) Alabama
45) Alaska
46) New Mexico
47) Louisiana
48) West Virginia
49) Arkansas
50) Nevada
51) Mississippi