Trips to the Local Library with the Kids

A new public library recently opened up in downtown Norfolk, and since it’s just a hop, skip and a jump away from where we live AND it’s been too cold to play outside, I loaded up the kids in the car and we headed over to check it out. The Slover Library just opened last month, and I happen to love things that are new! So in this case, how nice to make it an outing to visit a beautiful building with a huge space on the 2nd floor that’s just for kids.

The Youth Library features a play area called “Playscape.” It’s actually a room designated and designed for children ages 0-2, filled with age appropriate stuff to play with – everything is padded…blocks in various shapes with small ramps and structures for the babies to crawl and climb up, down, around and over.

My boys had a blast. The playscape room was very clean, inviting and had floor-to-ceiling clear windows, so parents or caretaker could sit right outside the room and still be able to look in, if they wanted to be hands off with the kids. Yes, there are tons of great books and reading areas outside this room, but I couldn’t manage to get mine away from the “playscape”…that’ll be for the next visit. There’s also another play area outside this room, filled with a pretend kitchen and other toys… but my guys were all about the stacking and building blocks in this room.

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