Caring for Six Kids… Mount Trashmore to the Rescue!

Uncle Alex needs help!

How did I end up with six kids? Sit down! Get off the stairs! Put him down! Put her down! Stop looking at each other then! That was the first twenty minutes of the day.

Yeah you read it correctly. The Comedy Dad has six kids this week. My sister’s three daughters, Braelyn, Brooklyn and Bailey and her son Benji plus my two, Euhenia and Tobias.

Anyone ever let your mouth get you into something that you possibly can’t handle?

Well that’s what happened to me.

Ever since my nieces were born, I would always throw out the infamous “When are you guys coming to spend the night with Uncle Alex?” I said this knowing that my sister is an awesome mom and they were so spoiled that they would never say yes.
Well, those days are over. My sister has since moved to New Jersey so now I don’t get to see them every other weekend. To my surprise, they took me up on my offer.

My wife and I knew we were in over our heads when I hit 64 just east of Richmond and had to exit three different times for emergency restroom stops.
Traveling with six kids is not only mind-blowing for the parties responsible but you should have seen the faces of the people we encountered in Target trying to count the kids. I finally would just say “six” and let them off the hook. You could literally see their faces turn from smiles to concern for my safety and sanity.

We loaded up on hots dogs, pop tarts and popsicles then headed home.

The next morning we woke up and I drove them to the kiddie heaven the Kids Cove at Mount Trashmore.IMG_0913

They did everything from swinging from the monkey bars, playing the drums to come crashing down three at time on the slide. I’ve never seen my son have so much fun on the playground as he did with his cousins. We stayed for hours ending our visit by participating in one of Virginia Beach’s oldest traditions. That’s right! They went for a roll down the Hill of fitness towering over 264.
Their heads were full of grass and legs were itching but it was worth every minute of it and now I’m trying to figure out what our next adventure may be as I only have them for a few days. So this week I’m not the Comedy Dad. I just plain old crazy Uncle Alex.


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